A Children’s Dental Passport

There can be no more valuable gift to a newly born baby than a guaranteed schedule of dental care linked with a comprehensive “Teeth for life” philosophy.  This is why Dentsure is currently developing a Dental Passport system to help parents and dentists support children from birth to adulthood.

It is an imperative that a newly born baby is introduced as soon as possible by a parent to a “Teeth for life” concept whereby newly erupted teeth are protected from the ever-present threat of dental decay with effective oral hygiene measures. Regular inspections and professional dental examinations recorded in a Dental Passport are the crucial ingredients of maintaining dental fitness from birth. The early warning signs of poor nutrition leading to an unwelcome acid attack on the precious enamel coating of the teeth as they erupt need to be identified and addressed immediately. Three monthly examinations recorded from the age of six months are an imperative.

The mental trauma arising from toothache and the necessary emergency treatment at a very young age is an enduring lifetime burden. More children today are faced with a traumatic hospital visit for tooth extractions under general anesthesia than ever before. It is time to reverse this unwelcome trend with a Dental Passport for Children. A healthcare dividend would soon be delivered with less obesity, a lower incidence of Diabetes and the dangers of Oral Cancer associated with alcohol consumption and smoking being fully understood.

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